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Dear followers of Get Naked AAR.

We both have thought deeply on this and we feel the time has come for us to move on from this website. It was so much fun for a while but as our personal lives went in new and exciting directions, our attention to the site became less and less (as you can tell by the lack of posts in the last 5 months!) The site will remain on Tumblr for people to scroll through and be nostalgic though! :)

It has been an awesome journey with you guys, and we appreciate you all sticking by us through out. Thanks for making the last few years fun! Keep the Reject love alive! 

-Shawnie and Casey 


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Peace & Love, my bitches.

Daily Chris: He can only WIN.

let-it-raain asked: Love your blog(: "getnakedaar" God bless you <3

Thank you! We love you too ;)

Blink-182 w/All-American Rejects Tour Dates for Europe!

I sure hope all of you sexy Europeans are going to some shows this summer!

All-American Rejects Won’t Let KITS ‘Slow Build’ Get Them Down

When the All-American Rejects returned in March with Kids in the Street,expectations were high. After all, it was the follow-up to 2008’s When the World Comes Down — an album that continued their string of crossover successes thanks to the hit “Gives You Hell” — and powered by slick first single "Beekeeper’s Daughter," Kids looked certain to continue that trend.

Of course, to date, Kids has yet to catch fire. It debuted at #18 on theBillboard albums chart and has subsequently dropped out of the Top 200 altogether. But the Rejects aren’t worried by that slow start. In fact, to hear them tell it, everything’s going according to plan.

"This is the record where we’re trying to prove ourselves as an ‘album band.’ We’ve done fine with singles," AAR frontman Tyson Ritter told MTV News backstage at the Bamboozle festival. "Our last record, we were so proud of, but ‘Gives You Hell,’ sort of just steam-rolled the way and let nothing else surface. Honestly, man, we’re a whatever-the-hell-anybody-takes-from-us band. Singles, records, buy it, steal it — just feel it. I don’t care. Just come to a show."

And it’s at those shows where the true scope of the Rejects’ accomplishments can be felt. After all, over the course of a decade as a band, they’ve strung together a series of hits that would give any group pause (“Swing, Swing,” “Move Along,” “It Ends Tonight,” “Dirty Little Secret,” etc) and it’s gotten to the point these days where the band can actually see the past 10 years play out before their very eyes. Which is why they’re not worried about one album; they’re career artists, through and through.

"It’s been a slow build with this one, but, you know, we’re in a climate where guitars aren’t as cool as they used to be and, luckily, I feel like our fanbase has sort of hung out and waited for us for four records," Ritter said. "It’s [been] 10 years now. We just got done playing shows, on a tour, and there are people that have been there for 10 years, singing ‘Swing, Swing’ in the back, drinking, and then girls up front with the X’s out their hands, singing ‘Dirty Little Secret’ and ‘Gives You Hell.’ So it’s crazy to look at a Rejects show, and as you scan to the back of the crowd, you’re going through 10 years of people."

Mike: “My first job was at Homeland grocery store…that was the beginning of a fruitful three week employment.”

Even Tyson knows that he’s Baberaham Lincoln.

Daily Chris: OMG BOOBS!!

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